Survivor Worlds Apart April 15, 2015 Who got voted off 4/15/2015

Survivor Worlds Apart airs tonight. Who’s going to be the second jury member?

Updates to be posted in a while…

And here it is:

Shirin makes a deal with Mike and Sierra as Jean doesn’t want to be in the game anymore after Hali got voted off last week. With this, she needs a new option so she approached them. She says she will vote out Carolyn next.

REWARD CHALLENGE – players divided into two teams of 5 members each. Players must swim in the water going through obstacles and reach a platform. They then must use a hook and collect five rings in the water while on the platform.

First team to collect all rings wins.

Reward – chocolate feast.

Team 1 – Mike, Tyler, Shirin, Dan and Sierra

Team 2 – Rodney, Jenn, Joe, Carolyn, Will

Winner – Team 1


– Joe feels the pressure to win immunity challenge since he knows he’s the target if he doesn’t win.

– Jenn tells Joe if she wins immunity she will give the necklace to him as she doesn’t want to be in the game anymore.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – endurance challenge. Each players stand on their toes balancing a block on their head against a structure they are standing on.

1st out – Carolyn

2nd out – Will

3rd out – Shirin

4th out – Rodney

5th out – Dan

6th out – Sierra

7th out – Joe

8th out – Mike

9th out – Jenn

WINNER – Tyler


– Joe plans to make a fake hidden idol so he did. He went to Mike for a deal.



– Mike asks Jeff if Joe’s idol is not fake but Jeff says he cannot verify it at that time. Mike plays Joe’s fake idol for Will and that’s when Jeff reveals it’s fake.

Joe – 5 votes

Jenn – 4 votes

Dan – 1 vote


ELIMINATED – Joe. He becomes the second member of the jury

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