Survivor Worlds Apart April 22, 2015 Who got voted off 4/22/2015

An all new Survivor Worlds Apart airs tonight. It’s Survivor Auction time! Who gets tan advantage on tonight’s game? Updates to be posted in a while…

Updates: Jenn got voted off!

Rodney wants to get rid of Mike but Mike overheard him.

Survivor Auction

Covered item (note) – Jen and Will bid for it. Will wins it for $100. Upon reading, he learns he bought himself out of auction and must head back to camp.

Fried chicken and waffles – Shirin wins it for $300

Drink – Jenn

Steaks – Sierra and Rodney

Dan, Mike and Carolyn only want the advantage.

Handwritten letters from home – everyone was able to buy it for $20.

Advantage in the game – Dan, Carolyn and Mike bid for $480. They must draw rocks to win it. Dan wins, getting the white rock.

Back to Will – he got a clue to a map telling him to dig. He got a personal stash of rations. He shares it with the tribe, but Mike, Jenn and Shirin accused him of hiding food from them. Will in turn, shouted at Shirin, since she’s the only one there, for accusing him. Shirin breaks down and cried and told Jenn and Mike about it.

Dan’s game advantage – he bought himself an extra vote. He is allowed to vote twice on tonight’s tribal council.

Meanwhile, Mike tells Sierra that Rodney flipped. He also outs Carolyn, Rodney, Will and Tyler in front of the entire tribe.



Will tells Jeff he will sit out of the challenge if he can read his letter from home. Shirin objects so no letter for Will.

The challenge is to pick up balls with tongs, carry them across a balance beam and place the balls on a stand.



With Mike winning the immunity challenge, he can’t be the target now. So the players must decide on another player to vote out. Next target is Jenn. Shirin wants Carolyn gone though.



Jenn – 5 votes

Shirin – 3 votes

Carolyn – 1 vote


ELIMINATED – Jenn, becoming the third jury member

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