Survivor Worlds Apart April 29, 2015 Who got voted off 4/29/2015

Survivor Worlds Apart airs in a bit and double immunity is at stake tonight! Who gets to win immunity?

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Players are divided into two teams. They must cross a field using barrels, ropes and planks without them or the planks touch the ground, else, they must do it again.

Blue team – Mike, Shirin, Sierra, and Rodney

Red team – Tyler, Dan, Carolyn, and Will

Reward – burgers and pie and sailing

The blue team has the lead at the start but near the end, as red team takes the lead, Mike got the planks touch so he must restart. With this, the red team wins.

WINNER – Red team



This is another endurance competition. Players must hold on to a rope handle that holds 25% of their body weight from the first day.

The last man and last woman standing wins immunity.

Sierra was eliminated from the challenge first, followed by Tyler, Will and Dan.

Now, it’s Carolyn, Shirin, Mike and Rodney.

Winner – Carolyn and Mike


Carolyn believes Shirin will be voted out tonight. Shirin is asking Dan to target Tyler.

Tyler finds out by going through Dan’s bag that he has extra vote advantage and tells Carolyn.

Dan tells Mike that a hidden immunity idol can be played to save Shirin. Mike realizes Dan’s not his ally anymore and thinks of doing what Dan said to shake up the game.



Mike didn’t use his idol for Shirin

Shirin – 4 votes

Dan – 2 votes

Tyler – 2 votes



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