Survivor Worlds Apart April 8, 2015 Who got voted off 4/8/2015

An all new episode of Survivor Worlds Apart airs tonight. Jenn used the idol last week, during the tribal council, which saved her from elimination, even if votes were cast to eliminate her. Without it, will she still remain in the competition? Hali was the original target though then Mike changed the vote to Jenn.

Anyway, for tonight, here’s the updates:

REWARD CHALLENGE – Two round challenge

1st round – Players race on balance beams, collect bags and pieces of puzzle.

2nd round – The first three to college all their bags move on to this round and solve the puzzle.

Reward – Pizza picnic

Joe, Mike and Hali are the first three to collect bags and puzzle pieces.

Winner – Joe. He chooses Tyler, Will, Shirin and Carolyn to go with him on a picnic.



Joe notices a hidden immunity idol clue in Carolyn’s bottle without her noticing it. He got her to give the bottle to him not knowing there’s a clue in it.

Tyler notices the clue so Joe and Tyler went to look for it the next morning, but Mike sees them and followed them. Tyler tells Mike about the clue. Mike tells everyone Joe found the idol even if Joe didn’t. Joe goes along with it and is happy about it.

Mike uses this opportunity though to find the idol himself.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – 3 slide maze and a slize puzzle.




Dan – 4 votes

Hali – 6 votes


ELIMINATED – Hali. She becomes the first member of the jury

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