Survivor Worlds Apart March 11, 2015 Who was voted off 3/11/15

An all new episode of Survivor aired tonight! Nagote tribe came back from the tribal council and now, members are questioning Will for voting for Vince. With this, Vince wanted Will gone. Also, Nina thinks she’ll be the next to go if they go again to Tribal Council.

Hidden Immunity Idol – Carolyn has it so there’s no need to go with Max, Shirin, Tyler and Joaquin to look for it.

Immunity Challenge – players must fill a large bucket with water and then run back to fill the barrels with water until the flag is raised. First two tribes to do it wins immunity and comfort.

WINNER – Escameca first, Masaya second.

It was actually Joe’s fault because of his decision to have Nina run back to the barrel without helping the tribe carry the bucket. This cost them to lose the challenge. Hali and Jenn considers voting out Will, but Nina thinks she’ll still go.

TRIBAL COUNCIL – the tribe says Nina misunderstands them but Nina tells them they should vote out Will instead of her and wants to prove herself. But still, they didn’t listen and voted her out.



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