Survivor Worlds Apart March 25, 2015 Who was voted off 3/25/15

It’s an all new episode tonight for Surivor Worlds Apart. Updates will be posted here in a while. Please do check back on it!

Last week – Lindsey and Max got voted off during the two part episode.

Reward challenge – players must race up a tower and launch sandbags at some targets.

Reward – food

Winner – Nagarote


Rodney wants to throw immunity to get rid of Joe and might save Kelly (she’s not a target though). He tells Mike about his plan.

Immunity challenge – players must remember the series of objects in correct order.

Carolyn vs Rodney – Carolyn wins

Haley vs Sierra Р Haley wins

Joe vs Will – Joe wins

Dan vs Shirin – Dan wins

Mike vs Kelly – both wrong. He tells Kelly he’s throwing the challenge.

Winner – Nagarote



Joe – 3 votes

Joaquin – 4 votes




One thought on “Survivor Worlds Apart March 25, 2015 Who was voted off 3/25/15

  1. I liked the two challenges. I’m glad joaquin got eliminated, because he has been so sure of himself from the beginning. Now that the tribes have been combined, it makes for a good dynamic. I enjoy the show and hope it continues. Have never missed an episode.

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