Survivor Worlds Apart March 4, 2015 Who was voted off 3/4/15

The fun continues tonight on Survivor 30: Worlds Apart. The No Collar, White Collar and Blue Collar teams will be taking on another set challenges for tonight. Which team will be at the tribal council? Who will be voted off?

Tonight’s immunity and reward challenge will have the first place wins immunity while the second place wins a reward. Which team will be in third place?

The challenge will require them do a series of obstacles which include ropes, balls and a lot of swimming.

Anyway, there are speculations that Vince will be the one to get the boot. Find out tonight if that is what’s going to happen. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook while waiting for the results. Find out who among the players gets voted off on Survivor’s 3/4/2015 episode.

Update: Vince got voted off!

CHALLENGE – players must dive into the water and swim to the platform. Once there, they must move the buoys free from the various platforms, swim to the final platform with the buoys and shoot baskets.

Nana and Kelly sits out for their teams.

WINNER – White Collar – they win immunity and fishing gear.

2nd – Blue Collar



Jenn – 2 votes

Nina – 1 vote

Vince – 3 votes


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