Survivor Worlds Apart May 13, 2015 Who got voted off 5/13/2015

An all new episode of Survivor Worlds Apart aired tonight! Here’s the recap.

Mike knows he needs to win the immunity challenges, or, find another hidden immunity idol, to remain in the game.

Carolyn wants to connect with Mike so that if ever she needs him, she has an option. She still has the idol with her.

REWARD CHALLENGE – players are divided into two teams of three. For this challenge, they must go through obstacles, untie some knots, free dozens of  puzzle pieces and solve the phrase. One of the puzzle pieces contain a letter.

REWARD – helicopter tour of Nicaragua and a surf and turf meal

TEAMS – Dan, Rodney and Sierra vs Carolyn, Mike and Will

WINNER – Carolyn, Mike and Will. She thought of giving up her spot for Rodney but at the end, she didn’t.

Mike told Carolyn and Will about them in the final three, but Will says he’s public enemy number one so that’s not a good idea.

Back at camp, Rodney is mad at Carolyn for not giving him her reward and thought of her as the next target.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – Mike tells Sierra about getting Dan out she he’s ok with it but want so vote Mike out if he doesn’t win immunity.

For the challenge, players must get three bags by using grappling hooks. Each bag has a ball in it and they must use one ball to solve a table maze. The first player to finish wins.

WINNER – Mike!


Back at camp – Sierra considers voting out Dan because of his two-vote advantage. Dan thought Carolyn is gone next. Mike thinks that the girls are the target tonight so he tells them.



– Dan used his advantage and was able to cast one more vote

– Carolyn played her hidden immunity idol

Carolyn – 5 votes

Dan – 2 votes



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