Survivor Worlds Apart May 6, 2015 Who got voted off 5/6/2015

The 7 remaining castaways will be performing new set of challenges tonight on Survivor Worlds Apart. Who will win immunity tonight?

The immunity challenge is another endurance competition. Players got to grab to a rope and lean back over water. Things get tougher as the players must get back down the rope which increases their reclining angle. The last man/woman standing wins immunity.

Mike still has the idol. Will he use it tonight?

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Update: Tyler got voted off!

It’s Rodney’s birthday and he’s hoping to win a reward challenge. He’s sure someone will bring him along to the reward even if he doesn’t win.

REWARD CHALLENGE – players are divided into two teams of three. They must unspin ribbons from a pole and get a key. They must then build a ladder, climb on it, get a bag of balls and walk across a net sling and throw balls at five targets. The first team to get a ball in each of the targets wins reward.

PRIZE – Deliver supplies to children in an orphanage and have a feast with them.

TEAMS – Dan, Rodney and Tyler vs Mike, Carolyn and Sierra.

Will sits out.

WINNER – Mike, Carolyn and Sierra


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – Endurance challenge. Players must balance on a perch holding on to a rope while leaning back.

WINNER – Carolyn



Mike plays his hidden immunity idol

Mike – 4 votes but doesn’t count

Tyler – 2 votes




Jeff announced that for next season, viewers get the chance to vote for the second chance contestant. Check out the CBS website to vote.

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