The Apprentice December 9 2010 Finale Results Winner, Who won 12/9/10?

Who won The Apprentice Season 10? Find out the next winner of The Apprentice tonight? The second part of the finale airs tonight, December 9, 2010 on NBC. It will either be Brandy or Clint. Who do you think will it be on The Apprentice 12/9/10 results?

Different tasks were assigned to each of the finalists. Brandy chose the team, while Clint get to choose the task. He chose to organize a Liza Minnelli concert ant Tournament Dinner, while to organize a VIP golf tournament was assigned to Brandy, where Kathy Griffin is featured.

Brandy’s team consists of Anand, Stephanie and Liza while Clint’s consists of Mahsa, Steuart and Poppy. We saw Liza being good at golf since she was a part of Kenya National Team. Mahsa also took aside her dislike with Clint because of what happened at the previous episode.

Who will win the finale? The judges have already decided about the winner, but it might be revealed tonight. By the way, the finale was already recorded, where there are two separate boardrooms shot with each of the finalists shown winning both. Only the actual winner’s boardroom will be aired.

Who do you think will be the winner tonight? Will it be Clint, or Brandy? Who are you guessing it to be? We are guessing it will be Clint, but we like Brandy to win.

Find out here who won The Apprentice Season 10, December 9, 2010 results

Updates: Brandy won The Apprentice! Congratulations!

Final boardroom – each one in Brandy and Clint’s team are being asked why who they think should win

3 thoughts on “The Apprentice December 9 2010 Finale Results Winner, Who won 12/9/10?

  1. Clint was excellent in the final task and Brandy looked lost and made several mistakes. She didn’t even know when her tournament started and she won!

  2. I agree, Clint performed throughout and Brandy did Okay. On the last task she flubbed up the prizes, Trumps golfing partners, she didn’t greet him when he arrived. The only thing Clint did was say “ya’ll” too much. I think Trump liked Brandy from the start as he addressed her quite often. You know he has a thing for younger women………

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