The Apprentice Season 10 Premiere September 16, 2010 Results 9/16/10

The Apprentice season 10 premieres tonight, September 16, 2010 on NBC. It will be a two-hour show as we get to meet all the contestants for this season. Are you excited to watch The Apprentice 2010 this 9/16/10? The reality show is back to featuring non-celebrity contestants.

The contestants will be facing challenges where they will be divided into two teams. One of them will be tasked to be the project manager and the losing team will be going to the final boardroom where one of them will get eliminated. The winner will have the opportunity to work for Trump as the president of one of his companies for at least one year with an annual salary of $250,000.

So, what could be the first challenge for the contestants? Who will be the first to get eliminated or kicked off on The Apprentice September 16, 2010? The results will be posted here.


The ladies lost the challenge. Some of the girls were kinda brutal thinking it was Nicole’s fault. The girls are killing her, especially Mahsa.

Nicole brings Mahsa and Tyana to the boardrom.

Nicole is fired – would have liked Mahsa to leave.

One thought on “The Apprentice Season 10 Premiere September 16, 2010 Results 9/16/10

  1. Nicole should’ve stay and Masha should’ve been kick off to get a hair transplant and anger management. Wonder if she got fired from her previous employer for inappropriate behavior? Maybe on the next show. I would love to see her and her hand holding partner to scratch each other like a scratch post. First time seeing someone like Nicole on the Apprentice. Whom treat and speak to people in a respectful manner. Never seen that in a lawyer before. People don’t have to be nasty to win right????

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