The Voice April 13, 2015 Live Performance Show 4/13/15 Voting Numbers

The Voice Season 8 live rounds starts tonight! The top 12 finalists who made it from the auditions, battle rounds, knockout rounds and live playoffs will be taking the stage tonight. This time, it will be for America’s votes! Who are you looking forward to see perform? Who’s your favorite in the competition?

Note that there are many ways to vote, which include phone, text and The Voice App. Results will be revealed tomorrow night.

Are you excited for the live shows?

The Voice Top 12 finalists and song choices are posted below. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook tonight’s updates. The Voice April 13, 2015 live performance show call and voting numbers will be posted here.


Hannah Kirby – Team Blake – “Edge of Seventeen”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3701 or Text Sprint 1 to 8642


Brian Johnson – Team Adam – “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3702 or Text Sprint 2 to 8642


India Carney – Team Christina – “Take Me To Church”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3703 or Text Sprint 3 to 8642


Mia Z – Team Pharrell – “Miss You”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3704 or Text Sprint 4 to 8642


Deanna Johnson – Team Adam – “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3705 or Text Sprint 5 to 8642


Saywer Fredericks – Team Pharrell – “Imagine”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3706 or Text Sprint 6 to 8642


Rob Taylor – Team Christina – “I Put A Spell On You”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3707 or Text Sprint 7 to 8642


Corey Kent White – Team Blake – “Why”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3708 or Text Sprint 8 to 8642


Koryn Hawthorne – Team Pharrell – “Stronger”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3709 or Text Sprint 9 to 8642


Joshua Davis – Team Adam – “America”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3710 or Text Sprint 10 to 8642


Meghan Linsey – Team Blake – “Girl Crush”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3711 or Text Sprint 11 to 8642


Kimberly Nichole – Team Christina – “House of the Rising Sun”
TO VOTE: 1-877-553-3712 or Text Sprint 12 to 8642

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