The Voice April 29, 2013 Knockout Round 4/29/13 Results

The Voice 2013 live show is soon to be here, finally! But before that, we’re going to see the knockout round this week. There are 24 contestants left but after tonight, only half will make it to the live playoffs next week. Who do you think will make the cut and who do you think will go home?

Two contestants from each team will go head to head. They will sing different songs at different times and after that, only of them will move on. At the end of the show, each coach will only have four singers each.

Who do you think will make it through? Any predictions on who do you think will make the cut and who will be sent home? My prediction on who might move on are Miidas Whale and Amber Carrington from Team Adam, Savannah Berry and Holly Tucker from Team Blake, Garrett Gardner and Kris Thomas from Team Shakira and Jess Kellner and Ryan Innes from Team Usher.

Anyway, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for the updates on the show beginning tonight. Find out who goes through the next round on The Voice April 29, 2013 results.


Amber Carrington vs Midas Whale – Team Adam

– Amber Carrington wins!


Garrett Gardner vs Tawnya Reynolds – Team Shakira

– Garrett Gardner wins!


Amy Whitcomb vs Caroline Glaser – Team Adam

– Caroline Glaser wins!


Kris Thomas vs Mary Miranda – Team Shakira

– Kris Thomas wins!


Judith Hill vs Orlando Dixon – Team Adam

– Judith Hill wins!


Karina Iglesias vs Monique Abbadie – Team Shakira

– Karina Iglesias wins!


Warren Stone vs Sarah Simmons – Team Adam

– Sarah Simmons wins!


Sasha Allen vs Shawna P. – Team Shakira

– Sasha Allen wins!

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