The Voice December 1, 2015 Top 10 Results 12/1/15

One artist will be going home tonight. Who will it be?

Here are the results.

Dolly Parton to mentor the 9 remaining contestants next week.


1. Emily Ann Robertson

2. Jordan Smith

3. Jeffry Austin

4. Barrett Baber

5. Madi Davis

6. Amy Vachal

7. Zach Seabaugh

8. Shelby Brown

9. Braiden Sunshine



1. Braiden Sunshine – Harder to Breath – SAVED

2. Korin Bukowski – Try – ELIMINATED

3 thoughts on “The Voice December 1, 2015 Top 10 Results 12/1/15

  1. It is time to vote off Braiden “Howdy Doody” Sunshine. If there are those of you who are having a problem with who Howdy is…I suggest you google the name…and you will see the resemblance. There is just something about him that make me sick…

  2. Hey Mr John Hancock.. Wow you must be that low you can’t even use your real name. And Howdy Doody, really? That’s your insult, using a cult classic that was the pioneer of children’s television shows that ran for over 10 years? Good one dumb ass. How dare you talk about a 16 year old kid that way. That kid has more talent in his pinky finger than you have in your whole body. Which leads me to my point, if you didn’t notice, the whole concept of The Voice is about the contestants VOICE, guess you are too simple to figure that one out. And by the way, coming from a family of musicians, I can tell you that Braden is going places, unlike you. Looks like you will have to stick to posting insults on social media websites.

  3. If Jordan Smith doesn’t win,I will be devastated…he has such a magical voice and is so unique…yea, Emily is great and all but she’s juststereotypical country,exactly the kind of person social media wants to shove down our throats…it’s time for a change.

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