The Voice December 10, 2012 Performance 12/10/12 Call Numbers

It’s The Voice 2012 semifinals tonight! One more week to go before the winner is crowned. Only four artists remain. Who are you going to vote for to be in the finals next week?

It’s actually Team Blake vs Team Cee Lo now that Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera are without any members to coach. Team Blake haveĀ Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott while Team Cee Lo have Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte. One girl and three guys. What do you think on the remaining finalists? Me, I really thought Amanda Brown would make it, but oh well, it’s America’s vote.

Aside from the individual performances, there will be performance by Blake Shelton and Michael Buble.

Who will be included in iTunes top 10 for tonight’s performances? Again, artists who will be included in iTunes top 10 will have their iTunes vote multiplied by 10.

As always, the call numbers and the song choices will be posted. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us onĀ Facebook. Who will get the pimp spot? The Voice December 10, 2012 semifinals voting numbers will be here.


Trevin Hunte – Team Cee Lo – “Wind Beneath My Wings”
1-855-VOICE-01 or 1-855-864-2301


Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo – “You Are So Beautiful”
1-855-VOICE-02 or 1-855-864-2302


Cassadee Pope – Team Blake – “Stupid Boy”
1-855-VOICE-03 or 1-855-864-2303


Terry McDermott – Team Blake – “Let It Be”
1-855-VOICE-04 or 1-855-864-2304

2 thoughts on “The Voice December 10, 2012 Performance 12/10/12 Call Numbers

  1. Cee lo,
    Your contestants are my favorites suggestions
    Trevin needs to sing a Steve Perry song showcase his voice …….
    Nicholas Davis ….I hope he wins….please have him sing
    Wildflower by the skylarks….he would rock doing this song my favorite of all times ..makes me cry everytime I hear it sung……..thanks

  2. Blake I am a big fan of yours and i thank you are doing a great job. Cassadee is the number one she is going to be crowned the voice. That is my perdication.

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