The Voice March 16, 2015 Battle Round Part 3 3/16/15 Results

The Voice The Battles continue tonight on NBC. Two artists from each team will be pitted against each other. Who’s going to win and who gets to be stolen by the other coaches?

Four guest coaches will help the teams prepare for the battle, along with, of course, the real coaches. Team Christina got Nick Jonas. Team Adam got Ellie Goulding. Team Pharrell got Lionel Richie. Team Blake got Meghan Trainor.

They will help the artists for tonight’s battle.

Who gets chosen?

Tonight’s battle includes Caitly Caporale vs Briar Jonnee, Treeva Gibson vs Kately Read, Barry Minniefield vs Jack Gregory. Lowell Oakley vs Kimberly Nicole, Kelsie May vs Brenna Yaeger and India Carney vs Clinton Washington.

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Briar Jonnee vs Caitlin Caporale – “Fallin'”

WINNER – Caitlin Caporel

ELIMINATED – Briar Jonnee



Barry Minniefield vs Jack Gregori – “Feeling Alright”

WINNER – Barry Minniefield

ELIMINATED – Jack Gregori



Katelyn Read vs Treeva Gibson – “Addicted to Love”

WINNER – Treeva Gibson

ELIMINATED – Katelyn Read



Kimberly Nichole vs Lowell Oakley – “Hound Dog”

WINNER – Lowell Oakley

STEAL – Christina steals Kimberly



Brenna Yaeger vs Kelsie May – “Fancy”

WINNER – Kelsie May

ELIMINATED – Brenna Yaeger



Clinton Washington vs India Carney – “Stay”

WINNER – India Carney

STEAL – Pharrell and Adam steals Clinton. Clinton chooses Adam.

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