The Voice May 12, 2014 Live Performance Show 05/12/14 Call Numbers

Like Dancing With the Stars 2014 who will have its semi-finals show tonight, The Voice top 5 will take the stage to hope for America’s votes. Which show will you be watching? Who are you going to vote for on the show tonight?

The five finalists are Kat Perkins, Josh Kaufman, Kristen Merlin, Christina Grimmie and Jake Worthington. All three teams except for Team Adam are left with one artist each. Glad to see that Josh Kaufman and Christina Grimmie are still there. How about you? Which are your favorite contestants?

Again, do vote for your favorite artists for them to have a bigger chance of being in the finale next week.

As always, follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for the song choices tonight. The Voice May 12, 2014 voting numbers will be posted so that you can vote for your favorite artists.



Kristen Merlin – 1-877-864-2301 – “Gunpowder and Lead” by Miranda Lambert
– Sprint text 1 to 8642

Josh Kaufman – 1-877-864-2302 – “All of Me” by John Legend
– Sprint text 2 to 8642

Kat Perkins – 1-877-864-2303 – “Chandelier” by Sia
– Sprint text 3 to 8642

Jake Worthington – 1-877-864-2304 – “Good Ol’ Boys” by Waylon Jennings
– Sprint text 4 to 8642

Christina Grimmie – 1-877-864-2305 – “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap
– Sprint text 5 to 8642


Josh Kaufman – 1-877-864-2302 – “Love Runs Out” by One Republic
– Sprint text 2 to 8642

Kat Perkins – 1-877-864-2303 – “Let It Go” by Frozen
– Sprint text 3 to 8642

Kristen Merlin – 1-877-864-2301 – “Foolish Games” by Jewel
– Sprint text 1 to 8642

Christina Grimmie – 1-877-864-2305 – “Some Nights” by Fun
– Sprint text 5 to 8642

Jake Worthington – 1-877-864-2304 – “Heaven” by Bryan Adams
– Sprint text 4 to 8642

11 thoughts on “The Voice May 12, 2014 Live Performance Show 05/12/14 Call Numbers

  1. Can’t get thru on 8775533701.. The line is constantly busy. More lines need to be added, please. People can’t keep trying to get thru only to get a busy signal. They’ll give up and not vote. It takes away from it all. Please consider. Thank you.

  2. Jack (and admin) ~ you probably can’t get through because this site has the WRONG number listed. The correct number is: 1-855-864-230_ (fill in last number with the person’s number that you are voting for… 1 Kristen Merlin, etc..

  3. Dear Admin,
    I agree with the “flash” comment. All the numbers should be displayed on the show, long enough that one doesn’t have to look up the numbers online.
    The “multiple voting methods” approach is confusing. It was better when there was just one set of phone numbers to call.
    And increasing the number of votes allowed wasn’t a good idea either. It would be better for the limit to be just one. Think what this would do to elections out in the real world!
    And you said that you’d corrected the numbers but they’re still wrong on this web page.
    But let me finish with a positive comment. The judges/ coaches on all the singing shows always say “this is the best season ever.” But this time it’s true. I’ve never seen such talent at this stage in the competition. (And, oddly enough, the same is true for this season of American Idol. I’m a happy singing-reality-show camper!)

  4. The phone numbers aren’t up long enough to write down… Some people can’t write that fast and I can’t memorize numbers .. While they sing can you put the numbers below for more than 30 seconds.i adore this show from day one!! Help us out!!

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