The Voice November 17, 2015 Live Performance Show 11/17/15

The results are out tonight! Who went home and who stayed to have another chance to win the competition?

The bottom two artists sing for the insta-save.

Check out the results!


Jordan Smith

Jeffrey Austin

Madi Davis

Emily Ann Roberts

Braiden Sunshine

Amy Vachal

Evan McKeel

Barrett Baber

Shelby Brown

Zach Seabaugh

Korin Bukowski – SAVED



Korin Bukowski – “I Don’t Know Why”

Mark Hood – “Signed Sealed and Delivered”



Mark Hood

5 thoughts on “The Voice November 17, 2015 Live Performance Show 11/17/15

  1. He is amazing ! In many ways ! He has an old soul of singing for such a young person ! Do not count this artist out because I think he’s just begun to blossom ! Best wishes for you because of your age you are gifted ! Never take that for granted ! & you have learned & grown so much from this experience ! It can only get better from here on in ! The acts that have preformed seem to greater & greater each season I watch !
    No need to hang your head low ! Fine job young man ! Keep working dreaming & most of all believing that your time will come ! Many people your age never even get this far or have the chance ! You are already blessed!

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