The Voice November 5, 2012 Live Performance Show 11/5/12 Call Numbers

It’s the first live show of The Voice season 3 tonight. This week is sure an exciting one for this show. It’s going live not once, but thrice this week. There will be no live show tomorrow due to the elections but it’s back live on Wednesday night for another performance show and Thursday night for the results show. Who are you looking forward to see perform tonight?

Each coach has five artists each. Adam Levine have Josielyn Rivera, Bryan Keith, Loren Alfred, Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown. Christina Aguilera have De’Borah, Devyn DeLorea, Adriana Louise, Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub. Cee Lo Green have Trevin Hunte, Mackenzie Bourg, Nicholas David, Diego Val and Cody Belew. Blake Shelton have Terry McDermott, Julio Caesar Castillo, Liz Davis, Michaela Paige and Cassadee Pope.

Two teams will be performing tonight while the next two teams will perform tomorrow.

The fate of the contestants lie on America’s hands now. Though the coach still has to choose one to complete the team since two contestants from each team will be chosen by the viewers. Why not the top three from each team instead?

Anyway, this site will be having updates on the live show and the results show beginning tonight. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for the latest on the show. The voting numbers for your favorite contestants will be posted here. Find out what The Voice November 5, 2012 call numbers are and don’t forget to vote for your favorites.


Team Adam vs Team Blake tonight…


Josielyn Rivera – Team Adam – “Give Your Heart a Break”
1-866-U-LOVE-01 or 1-866-8-5683-01 or Text 1 to 8642


Terry McDermott – Team Blake – “Don’t Stop Believing”
1-866-U-LOVE-02 or 1-866-8-5683-02 or Text 2 to 8642 (Sprint)


Melanie Martinez – Team Adam – “Hit the Road Jack”
1-866-U-LOVE-03 or 1-866-8-5683-03 or Text 3 to 8642 (Sprint)


Liz Davis – Team Blake – “Outlaw Woman”
1-866-U-LOVE-04 or 1-866-8-5683-04 or Text 4 to 8642 (Sprint)


Cassadee Pope – Team Blake – “My Happy Ending”
1-866-U-LOVE-05 or 1-866-8-5683-05 or Text 5 to 8642 (Sprint)


Bryan Keith – Team Adam – “Iris”
1-866-U-LOVE-06 or 1-866-8-5683-06 or Text 6 to 8642 (Sprint)


Michaela Paige – Team Blake – “Everybod Talks”
1-866-U-LOVE-07 or 1-866-8-5683-07 or Text 7 to 8642 (Sprint)


Julio Caesar Castillo – Team Blake
1-866-U-LOVE-08 or 1-866-8-5683-08 or Text 8 to 8642 (Sprint)


Loren Alfred – Team Adam – “All Around the World”
1-866-U-LOVE-09 or 1-866-8-5683-09 or Text 9 to 8642 (Sprint)


Amanda Brown – Team Adam – “Dream On”
1-866-U-LOVE-10 or 1-866-8-5683-10 or Text 10 to 8642 (Sprint)


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