The Voice November 7, 2012 Live Performance Show 11/7/12 Call Numbers

The Voice season 3 airs tonight for the second batch of performers for this week’s live playoffs. Airing from 8pm to 10pm ET, it’s going to be Team Christina vs Team Cee Lo tonight. Who are you going to vote for?

There were many good performers from last Monday night with some standouts, of course. Will they be toppled over by the performers tonight, or Team Adam and Team Blake are better than Team Christina and Team Cee Lo?

The performers for tonight are De’Borah, Devyn DeLorea, Adriana Louise, Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub from Team Christina and Trevin Hunte, Mackenzie Bourg, Nicholas David, Diego Val and Cody Belew from Team Cee Lo. Vote for your favorite artists for them to move on to the next round. We’ll find out the results tomorrow night.

Again, two artists from each team who got the highest number of votes will move on to next week while their coach is allowed to choose one singer to complete the team of three artists.

The voting numbers for each contestant will be posted here. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for updates. The list of performers are already posted, while The Voice November 7, 2012 call numbers will be posted during the show.


Adriana Louise – Team Christina – “Firework”
1-866-U-LOVE-01 or 1-866-8-5683-01 or Text 1 to 8642 (Sprint)


Cody Belew – Team Cee Lo – “One More Try”
1-866-U-LOVE-02 or 1-866-8-5683-02 or Text 2 to 8642 (Sprint)


De’Borah – Team Christina – “Who Knew”
1-866-U-LOVE-03 or 1-866-8-5683-03 or Text 3 to 8642 (Sprint)


Diego Val – Team Cee Lo- “Bailamos”
1-866-U-LOVE-04 or 1-866-8-5683-04 or Text 4 to 8642 (Sprint)


Mackenzie Bourg – Team Cee Lo – “What Makes You Beautiful”
1-866-U-LOVE-05 or 1-866-8-5683-05 or Text 5 to 8642 (Sprint)


Devyn DeLorea – Team Christina – “Bleeding Love”
1-866-U-LOVE-06 or 1-866-8-5683-06 or Text 6 to 8642 (Sprint)


Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo – “You’re the First, The Last, My Everything”
1-866-U-LOVE-07 or 1-866-8-5683-07 or Text 7 to 8642 (Sprint)


Sylvia Yacoub – Team Christina – “The One That Got Away”
1-866-U-LOVE-08 or 1-866-8-5683-08 or Text 8 to 8642 (Sprint)


Dez Duron – Team Christina – “Wanna Make You Feel”
1-866-U-LOVE-09 or 1-866-8-5683-09 or Text 9 to 8642 (Sprint)


Trevin Hunte – Team Cee Lo – “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You”
1-866-U-LOVE-10 or 1-866-8-5683-10 or Text 10 to 8642 (Sprint)


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