The Voice November 8, 2012 Results 11/8/12

It’s a back to back results show tonight, The X Factor results show and The Voice results show! Both airs at 8pm to 9pm ET, Which one will you be watching? Anyway, I’ll be here to provide you with the results of both show so take a look at the results here if you missed watching one, or both.

Anyway, tonight in The Voice season 3 elimination night, only 12 will be going to the next round. Two from each team will be from chosen by America while the coaches will pick one contestant each. Who do you think will make it to the final 12?

The first batch of contestants performed Monday night – Team Adam vs Team Blake, while the second batch performed last night – Team Christina vs Team Cee Lo. Great performance in my opinion and the stand outs I think are Amanda Brown, Code Belew, Sylvia Yacoub, Trevin Hunte, Terry McDermott and Bryan Keith. I’m sure you have other favorites too! Who are your favorite performers?

Meanwhile, while I thought Melanie Martinez was great, I wasn’t impressed during her performance last night. Maybe next week will be better for her though. Same goes with Adriana Louise, not good vocals last night.

Who do you think will make it to the top 12?

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Top 12 Finalists

Amanda Brown – Team Adam

Bryan Keith – Team Adam

Melanie Martinez – Team Adam

Terry McDermott – Team Blake

Cassadee Pope – Team Blake

Michaela Paige – Team Blake

Dez Duron – Team Christina

Sylvia Yacoub – Team Christina

Adriana Louise – Team Christina

Trevin Hunte – Team Cee Lo

Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo

Cody Belew – Team Cee Lo



Joselyn Rivera

Loren Alfred

Julio Caesear Castillo

Liz Davis



Mackenzie Bourg

Diego Val

3 thoughts on “The Voice November 8, 2012 Results 11/8/12

  1. Adam chose wrong with Melanie. There is no way that
    girl can win with that voice. I’m shocked she’s still there.
    The people got it wrong voting for the very untalented
    Cassidy. I don’t undertand why she has a fanbase when
    she is a marginal singer. The best singers are Trevin,
    Nicholas, Terry, Michaela(although she’s kinda freaky)
    and Bryan.

  2. Well, Melanie is no winner, that’s for sure, but I don’t think the one’s cut were any more or less talented than many of those staying. The truth is that many of these singers are very good compared to a lot of the people on other competition shows. I don’t think any winners have been cut. My wife and I watched with my DISH coworker again this week and I was glad to have Auto Hop from DISH to watch commercial free. We were able to free up time to watch another show, and still get everyone to bed early enough. I like that the commercial skipping is automatic once I enabled it, so no more button pushing on the remote.

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