The Voice October 20, 2014 Battle Round 10/20/14 Results

It’s The Battles, Part 3 tonight on The Voice season 7. Find out tonight who will make it to the next round of the competition.

So far, Team Pharrell has Elyjuh Rene, Luke Wade, Taylor Phelan, Jean Kelly and Menlik Zergabachew. He has used his two steals so he can’t steal anymore.

Team Adam has Chris Jamison, Alessandra Castronovo and Rebekah Samarin. Team Gwen has Sugar Joans, Taylor John Williams, Troy Ritchie, and Craig Wayne Boyd.

Team Blake has James David Carter, Grant Ganzer, Tanner Linford and Griffin.

These coaches will continue their quest tonight to find the right artist for them. Who’s going to make it to the Knockout Rounds?

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Damien vs Kelli Douglas
Winner – Damien
** No steal


Jessie Pitts vs Ryan Sill
Winner – Ryan Sill
** Team Blake steals Jessie Pitts


Blessing Offor vs Katriz Trinidad
Winner – Katriz Trinidad
** Team Adam and Team Gwen want to stel Blessing Offor
** Blessing chooses Team Adam!


Ethan Butler vs Matt McAndrew
Winner – Matt McAndrew
** No steal


Bree Fondacaro vs Taylor Brashears
Winner – Taylor Brashears
** No steal


Danica Shirey vs Toia Jones
Winner – Danica Shirey
** Team Adam and Team Gwen want to steal Toia Jones
** Toia Jones chooses Team Adam!

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