Top Chef December 15 2010 Who was kicked off 12/15/10 Results

Top Chef December 15, 2010 is another episode airing tonight. There will be Quickfire and Eliminatino challenge once again as the chefs try to make their best dishes but at the end, one of them will be kicked off. Who gets eliminated on Top Chef 12/15/10 results? Find out here.

Last week, the winner of the Quickfire chlalenge was Tiffany while it was Angelo, Marcel, and Richard for the second one. Will it still be the case this time?

The title of the episode tonight is New York’s Finest and the chefs are going to pull knives for four teams to cook in four of the city’s best restaurants. Before that, they will be having a Quickfire relay rac.

Which among the All-Stars will be asked to leave the show tonight and won’t be in the competition next week?

Find out who among the 18 left will it be. Who gets eliminated on Top Chef All Stars 12/15/10 results? To be posted.

Updates: Dale L., Stephen from season 3 was eliminated;

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