Top Chef December 7, 2011 Results Who was kicked off 12/7/11

Thirteen chefs compete in Top Chef Texas December 7, 2011 episode. The chefs are back to being cowboys as they serve suits in cowboy boots for one of the challenges. Who among the thirteen contestants will get eliminated? Who will competing against Chuy?

For the Quickfire challenge, the chefs must create a dish stemming from one of the four mother sauces – Bechamel, Veloute, Espagnole and Allemande. There are endless possibilities on how the sauces can be used and they are going to explore that and go back to the basics of haute cuisine. They will select of these four mother sauces to use in their dish.

Meanwhile, the stakes are high in the elimination challenge as the chefs must create their best steak dish which will be served at the annual Cattle Baron’s Ball. They will serve the people wearing suits in cowboy boots, after putting out a progressive four-course beef menu for 200-seated guests. At the ball, they must work together to the very last dish before the 50 waiters pick up the plates. It’s said that the stakes are high since Texas is one state who knows a thing or two about how a steak should be cooked.

Dean Fearing serves as the guest judge for tonight.

Which chef will make use of one of the four mother sauces the best? Who will make the best steak? Who will be sent home and face off against Chuy? Will Chuy remain the winner in the Last Chance Kitchen? Will there be a new winner? Have any prediction on who’s going home tonight?

Anyway, you can follow us on twitter for the updates on the show. Find out the next chef who gets eliminated on Top Chef 12/7/11. As always, results of tonight’s show as well as the Last Chance Kitchen results will be here.

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