Top Chef December 8 2010 Who was kicked off 12/8/10 Results

Top Chef December 8, 2010 is episode 2 where the chefs will be facing challenges again. Delectable dishes will be made by them again, but even so, one of the will be kicked off. Who gets eliminated on Top Chef 12/8/10 results after Elia? It will be posted here.

Last week was about History which never repeats, where the chefs were tasked to recreate dishes that sent them home the last time they appeared on Top Chef. Tonight, the chefs will be visiting the American Museum of Natural History to cater a snack for a group of children spending the night there. That could be for the Quickfire Challenge and the Elimination challenge is what we have to find out. Joe Jonas will be the guest for tonight, by the way.

Who will be the winner of the challenges? Updates will be here. Know who gets eliminated on Top Chef All Stars 12/8/10 results here.

Updates: Jennifer Carroll from season 6 was eliminated;

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