Top Chef February 16 2011 Who was kicked off 2/16/11 Results

Top Chef All Stars February 16, 2011 is the 10th episode this season 8. Who will be the special guest judge tonight? What tasks will the chefs be facing and what dish will they have to cook? Will someone be sent home? Will gets eliminated on Top Chef 2/16/11 results?

Last Wednesday, Jimmy Fallon was the special guest where the chefs cooked one of his favorite dishes for his birthday lunch at Colicchio and Sons restaurant. Carla won that challenge winning a cooking segment on an episode of the celebrity’s late night show. She also won a trip to Tokyo and $5000 for airfare.

Tonight, the episode is titled “Lock Down”, where the chefs will find themselves cooking to please Muppet palates. Their other task will be making a dish at a Target store. Will Carla win the challenge again? Our guess for the one to be leaving is Mike. Will be right in our guess on who gets kicked off tonight?

Anyway, know who among the remaining seven contestants will be out. Who got eliminated on Top Chef All Stars 2/16/11 results? It will be here soon.

UpdatesAngelo Sosa was eliminated!

Dale T. won both Quickfire and Elimination challenge.

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