Top Chef February 2 2011 Who was kicked off 2/2/11 Results

Top Chef All Stars February 2, 2011 will be an all new episode after the show returns from one week hiatus. New challenges will be faced by the chefs. Who will win those two challenges? Who gets to be sent home? Who gets eliminated on Top Chef 2/2/11 results?

The title of this episode is called “An Offer They Can’t Refuse”. What could it possibly be that they couldn’t refuse? Meanwhile, a famous designer will be the guest for tonight and they chefs must tap into their creative side to demonstrate plating techniques.

Also, an actress will be guesting and asking them to create a traditional three-course Italian dinner.

Who won’t make it to next week and be leaving tonight? We are guessing again that it will be Carla. What do you think?

Anyway, confirmation on who will it be will be posted here. Check this post again for who got eliminated on Top Chef All Stars 2/2/11 results here soon.

Update: Tre was eliminated

Quickfire Challenge winner – Richard

Elimination Challenge winner – Antonia

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