Top Chef February 23 2011 Who was kicked off 2/23/11 Results

Top Chef All Stars February 23, 2011 tonight is titled “For the Gulf”. Only six chefs remain and up for the challenges but at the end of the episode, one might be sent home. Who do you think will it be? Who gets eliminated on Top Chef 2/23/11 results?

The remaining six contestants are Richard Blais, Tiffany Derry, Mike Isabella, Carla Hall, Antonia Lofaso and Dale Talde. They will be in a deep fry contest for the queen of deep fat for the Quickfire challeneg while they need to prepare seafood dishes for a charity event for the Elimination challenge.

Antonia and Dale T are leading if we are going to base it from the challenges where they are always on top, but we’ll never know what will happen next like in the episode tonight.

Who are you guessing to be leaving after Angelo Sosa? We are thinking it could be Richard. How about you?

The one was sent home will be posted here as always for you to know who got eliminated on Top Chef All Stars 2/23/11 results.

Update: Dale T. was eliminated!

Mike won the Quickfire Challenge

Richard won the Elimination Challenge

6 thoughts on “Top Chef February 23 2011 Who was kicked off 2/23/11 Results

  1. Shocked. Totally thought Dale was going to win it all. There are few things that offend me more in a dish than hard, undercooked potatoes, though. But Dale has consistently been great. Really thought it was going to be Tiffany this week. Holding out for Hootie Hoo Carla. She’s my fave all along. But I did think Dale had her beat in the end . . .

  2. mike should have been disqualified.

    dale should still be there as well as angelo.

    carla? why is she still there??? i find her extremely annoying, but i wonder if bravo thinks she makes good tv – oh,and jimmy fallon. i felt angelo should have been picked for his show, not carla and her chicken pot pie – how hard can that be to make??

    either the producers stink at portraying what is really going on or it is an unfair show.

    i am losing interest and i am not sure i will watch the next season.

  3. You must not watch the show g because Carla has been winning a lot of the challenges, I do not see any foul play, just a foul attitude because your favorites are getting booted. Someone has to go, it just so happened that Angelo was having a bad day like we all do.

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