Top Chef February 9 2011 Who was kicked off 2/9/11 Results

Top Chef All Stars February 9, 2011 will having Jimmy Fallon as the special guest. What are the chefs going to prepare for him? Only eight chefs remain but at the end, one of them will be send home. Who will it be? Who will get eliminated on Top Chef 2/9/11 results?

“Feeding Fallon” is the title of this episode, where the chefs will be putting their signature on fondue. Later on, they will be catering to Jimmy Fallon’s birthday party. It’s an exciting episode for them like last week, where they showed their creativity in creating a visually appealing dish and cooking a family style Italian meal at Rao’s restaurant for the judges. Richard and Antonia won the challenges. Will they win again on this episode tonight?

Find out who will be kicked off tonight among the eight all stars. We are guessing it will be Fabio this time. How about you?

Updates on the show will be here. Find out who remains and who got eliminated on Top Chef All Stars 2/9/11 results.

Update: Fabio was eliminated

Quickfire challenge winner – Dale T.

Elimination challenge winner – Carla

2 thoughts on “Top Chef February 9 2011 Who was kicked off 2/9/11 Results

  1. I thought Fabio should not have got kicked off, their were dishies that were saltly and the judges didn’t sent that person home… there are burgers that are made big to eat, they just couldn’t get their small mouths around it. it was just sad to see Fabio had to leave over a Hambuger, and someone stay because there food was saltly. yuk!

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