Top Chef January 5 2011 Who was kicked off 1/5/11 Results

Top Chef All Stars is back tonight, January 5, 2011 after a holiday break. It will be episode 5 and get ready to see the chefs once again prepare for the challenges in order to be safe in the competition. Who do think will be the next to follow Spike? Who will be eliminated on Top Chef 1/5/11?

The title of episode 5 is “Dim Sum Lose Dum” and a head judge will be joining the competition, not to win, but to challenge the chefs to be better than him in creating the dish. The remaining chefs must beat his time to win, but will they win over him? Meanwhile, yummy dim sum will be served for locals as the chefs go to Chinatown.

Who are you guessing among the chefs to be sent home? Could it be Tiffany, or Casey? It’s just a guess and maybe it would be none of them. Anyway, the next who gets eliminated on Top Chef All Stars 1/5/11 results will be posted soon when it becomes available.

Updates: Casey Thompson was eliminated

Mike won the Quickfire Challenge

Dale T. won the Elimination Challenge

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