Top Chef March 16 2011 Who was kicked off 3/16/11 Results

Top Chef All Stars March 16, 2011 is the third to the last episode this season. Only four chefs remain but one of them won’t be seen next week. Who do you think will it be? Who gets eliminated on Top Chef 3/16/11 results?

Antonia, Mike, Richard and Tiffany are left for the remaining challenges. They are still in the Bahamas where they must cater a high-end lunch party for a yacht club’s 80th anniversary. They must serve up Bahamian delicacies such as conch where they must catch in the ocean.

Lorena Garcia is the guest judge for the night. Who will win the challenges and who will be the final three chefs? We think it will be Tiffany who will be sent home but we’ll find out the actual person later.

Updates on who got eliminated on Top Chef All Stars 3/16/11 results will be here soon.

Update: Tiffany was eliminated;

Quickfire Challenge Winner – Red Team
Elimination Challenge Winner – Mike

3 thoughts on “Top Chef March 16 2011 Who was kicked off 3/16/11 Results

  1. I think it was a great episode. The competition is definitely heating up. The 3 remaining chefs are all quite good. I’d like to see Richard win! We’ll know soon!

  2. Yes I want Richard to win too ! He is a good guy n very down to earth .Like Sherrie said , all are good cooks but Richard is my favorite!

  3. I love this program. This has been the best season ever! Excellent chefs. Sorry to see Tiffany and Carla go. I’m for Antonia. She’s made some great comfort foods. Go Antonia, make us proud!!!!!!

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