Top Chef March 2 2011 Who was kicked off 3/2/11 Results

Top Chef All Stars March 2, 2011 episode 12 will be aired tonight. With Dale T. eliminated last week, are you still excited to watch the show tonight? Who do you think will be the next who gets eliminated on Top Chef 3/2/11 results?

“Give Me Your Huddled Masses” is the next which will be aired tonight. I thought Dale will still be in the episode tonight and was shocked to know he was sent home. It’s really unpredictable who will be next, huh?

With Richard, Mike, Carla, Antonia and Tiffany remaining, who will be next? What are the challenges for the Quickfire and Elimination challenge?

We’ll find out soon. We are thinking it will be Mike who gets to be leaving. What about you? What do you think?

We can’t wait to know the outcome. The one who got eliminated on Top Chef All Stars 3/2/11 results will be here as always.

Update: No one was eliminated

Carla won the quickfire challenge

Antonia won the elimination challenge

2 thoughts on “Top Chef March 2 2011 Who was kicked off 3/2/11 Results

  1. I think Richard Blaise is a talented chef, but I think he’s arrogant jus cause he uses molecular gastroname or wat evers. He thinks if he doesn’t win this season it would be a failure to the shows viewers, I beg to differ. It only takes 1 bad dish to send u packin ur knives n go.

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