Top Chef March 23 2011 Who was kicked off 3/23/11 Results

Top Chef All Stars March 23, 2011 is the second to the last episode where we’ll find out who the top two finalists are. Who among the final three will be at the finale next week? Who gets eliminated on Top Chef 3/23/11 results?

Antonia, Mike, Richard are the final three chefs competing tonight. They will prepare dinner for an illustrious panel of guest diners who will help determine the finalists. Wolfgang Puck, Masaharu Morimoto and Michelle Bernstein are the judges for tonight. Who will they pick for next week? Our guess is Antonia and Richard. How about you?

Anyway, the title of this episode is “The Last Supper”. The chef who got eliminated on Top Chef All Stars 3/23/11 results will be here again.

Update: Antonia was eliminated. Final two are Richard and Mike.

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  1. There was three women and two men. Now there are two men. So many talented chefs have come and gone this season. Mike really has stepped up his game since last we saw him, that is for sure.

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