Top Chef March 9 2011 Who was kicked off 3/9/11 Results

Top Chef All Stars March 9, 2011 is another exciting episode of the cooking reality series as the chefs have a duel. Who will they duel with? Who will get eliminated on Top Chef 3/9/11 results?

The title of this episode “Fit for a King”. A culinary duel is about to happen at the Bahamas as the chefs get pitted against their season’s Top Chef. Meanwhile, they must cook for the Bahamas island’s royalty with very little tools to assist them toward a perfect dish. Expect a royal pain for them as they have limited cooking equipment.

No one was sent home last week, so who do you think will be the next to be leaving the show? We are thinking it will be Antonia?

Anyway, updates on the one who got eliminated on Top Chef All Stars 3/9/11 results will be here again as we always do.

Update: Carla was eliminated;

Mike won elimination challenge

5 thoughts on “Top Chef March 9 2011 Who was kicked off 3/9/11 Results

  1. Carla is terrific…as a person and a chef!!. She should have not been eliminated!

    Glad I am married to another John Noble who
    thinks Carla is the best !!!!!

  2. I think that Carla is fantastic, but so are all the chefs who are still in it. This is the finals, one small mistake can send anyone home.

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