Top Chef Masters April 20, 2011 Who was kicked off 4/20/11 Results

Top Chef Masters April 20, 2011 will be a bit of a fear-factor type as the chefs cook dishes with interesting ingredients. Who will win the challenges? Who leaves the show tonight? Find out who gets eliminated on Top Chef 4/20/11 results tonight.

It’s “Diners to Donors” tonight. The chefs will use all their skills and creativity in creating an edible dish for the Quickfire challenge. The main ingredients? Insects or worms! What will be the result and what dish will they come up with?

Meanwhile. Each chef must hawk their dish of $100 per plate for a charity dinner. What will be their dish worth that amount?

Who will the judges send home tonight? Will someone withdraw like last week? The one who got eliminated on Top Chef Masters 4/20/11 results will be here as always.

Update: John C. was eliminated.

Quickfire challenge winner – Hugh

Elimination challenge winner – Naomi

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