Top Chef Masters June 8, 2011 Who was kicked off 6/8/11 Results

Top Chef Masters June 8, 2011 will have the chefs create a master meal as one of the challenges. Who will make the best dish this episode? Only four are left but after tonight, one will be sent home. Who will get eliminated in Top Chef 6/8/11 results?

The remaining chefs are Floyd, Traci, Mary Sue and Naomi. They are going to salute returning U.S. troops serving up their favorite meals in this episode titled “A Soldier’s Story”. One of the challenges involve the master meal mavens guiding the culinary apprentices through a step by step creation of identical dishes.

Traci and Hugh usually win the challenges. Will they win tonight or one of them will be leaving? Updates on who who got eliminated on Top Chef Masters 6/8/11 results will be here.

Update: Naomi was eliminated; The final three are FLoyd, Traci and Mary.

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