Top Chef Masters May 11, 2011 Who was kicked off 5/11/11 Results

Top Chef Masters May 11, 2011 will have the chefs cooking at a surprise location.  Where could it be? It’s an interesting episode tonight as the chefs take on the challenges. But of course at the end, one will leave. Who gets eliminated on Top Chef 5/11/11? Results will be here.

Maroon 5 could be the guest for tonight’s episode as they must please the palates of the band members. Will they be able to do so? But before that, each chef will serve as critics of their fellow chef’s dishes. Will they tell the truth about each dish? Who will cook the most delectable dish tonight?

Three guys and four ladies remain. Will one of the ladies be sent home, or one of the guys? Have any predictions? The outcome at the end of the show will be posted here. Know the one who got eliminated on Top Chef Masters 5/11/11 results soon.

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