Top Chef Masters May 4, 2011 Who was kicked off 5/4/11 Results

Top Chef Masters May 4, 2011 is the fifth episode this season. Eight chefs remain but at the end of the episode, one will be ask to leave. Who among the chefs will it be? Who gets eliminated on Top Chef 5/4/11? Results to be posted soon.

The chefs are going to demonstrate their speed as they work at a traditional Southern California fast-food restaurant. They must show their speed in operating a drive-through while serving up quality food in not more than two minutes in this episode titled “Would You Like Fries with That?”

Who will win the Quickfire challenge and be immuned from being sent home? Who will win the elimination challenge? We’ll find out soon. Also, know who the judges will decide to send home at the end of the episode. The chef who got eliminated on Top Chef Masters 5/4/11 results will be provided here as always.

Update: George was eliminated.

Quickfire Challenge Winner – Naomi

Elimination Challenge Winner – Mary Sue

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  1. What a joke TCM is this year. New host, new format and anybody with half a brain can see they WANT a female to win it. Im done with this season.

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