Top Chef Masters Season 3 Winner, Who Won Top Chef Masters Finale 6/15/11

It’s the season 3 finale of Top Chef Masters season 3 tonight, June 15, 2011. The winner among the 12 award-winning chefs will be determined, where three remained. Who will it be? Find out who won in Top Chef Masters 6/15/11 finale results here.

Floyd, Traci and Mary will face the ultimate test for their culinary skills. They will be preparing a four-course feast which is based on inspiration and self-reflection. Another challenge is to re-create a past dish that garnered them the worst culinary review, presenting to food critics responsible for that bad review.

Who among Floyd, Tracy and Mary will be the big winner tonight in the finale titled “My Life as a Chef”? We’ll update this post for you to find out the Top Chef 6/15/11 winner.

Update: Floyd wins Top Chef Masters 3!

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