Top Chef November 23, 2011 Results Who was kicked off 11/23/11

It’s Top Chef Texas episode 4 tonight, November 23, 2011. It’s already the fourth episode but it’s only the second week of the actual competition. The 15 remaining contestants will show their cooking skills once again. One will be kicked off at the end of the show tonight but still have the chance by battling it out against Keith in the face off in the Last Chance Kitchen. Who do you think will be eliminated?

The important ingredient in this episode is jalapeno pepper. Titled “Red Hot Chili Cook Off”, the heat is in as the chef turn’s it up during the Quickfire where they must create a spicy, yummy dish using some of the hottest peppers. They have a choice of one pepper to include in their dish. What will they choose? The value of the prize money at stake is higher the hotter the pepper they choose.

For the elimination challenge, the chefs will head to the rodeo to see some of Texas’ finest cowboys in action. While the cowboys are in action, the chefs take over the food court at the rodeo and take part in their own competition. The contestants participate in a chili cook off.

Who will win the challenges and who will be pitted against Keith to have a chance to be back in the competition?

Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger from Top Chef Masters and Two Hot Tamales are the guest judges for tonight.

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Update: Richie was eliminated. During the Last Chance Kitchen with Keith vs Richie, Keith wins. Thus, Richie was eliminated totally.


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