Top Chef November 9, 2011 Results Who was kicked off 11/9/11

The qualifying rounds continue in Top Chef Texas November 9, 2011 episode. The last group will perform the challenge assigned to them and the chefs in limbo will cook again. So far, around eleven or twelve chefs have moved on to the competition so there are a few spots left for the top 16. Which chefs will make it to the next round?

Last week, some of the chefs were sent home even before the challenge ended. Some were eliminated without tasting the dish. Will it happen again tonight?

The chefs in the final heat must decide among themselves the ingredients they will use to create a dish. It was rabbit last week, could it be another exotic ingredient this time? Some will be leaving in less than 20 minutes for sure while some may get longer exposure on the show. Those in the bubble, including Edward, Grayson, Janine and Molly will compete in the final cook-off. Who will be in the final 16? Will their bubbles burst before they could redeem themselves because not one of them will make it?

Meanwhile, there’s a new twist this season called “Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen”. The eliminated chefs get another chance to be included in the competition. However, it won’t be that easy. They have to win a series of challenges against other eliminated chefs. Which chefs will be able to re-enter?

With this new twist, that’s too much changes this season, don’t you think? The show could have just divided the chefs, made the first half compete this season and the other half next season.

But anyway, the real competition begins next week after the 16 chefs are complete. Who will get eliminated on Top Chef 11/9/11? We’ll provide you the results here, as always. Follow us on twitter to get the latest updates on the show.


Those who are in the top 16 are:

– Paul

– Lindsay

– Beverly

– Edward

– Grayson

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