Top Chef Season 7 DC Premiere : June 16, 2010 (6/16/10)

top chef season 7 dc premiere

Top Chef DC, which is season 7 of the reality show Top Chef, will be having its season premiere on June 16, 2010.  17 Chefs will be featured where one will be eliminated each week.

Two challenges are in store for the chefs as usual, the Quickfire challenge and the Elimination challenge so that the chef will be able to demonstrate their skills in cooking as well as show how they work as a team.

Padma Laskmi hosts Top Chef season 7 with Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons returning as the judges in Top Chef DC, with Eric Ripert as the new judge.

Here are the 17 contestants of Top Chef DC:

Alex Reznik – 33; Hollywood, California

Amanda Baumgarten – 27; Los Angeles, California

Andrea Curto-Randazzo – 39; Miami Beach, Florida

Angelo Sosa – 34; New York City, New York

Arnold Myint – 32; Nashville, Tennessee

Ed Cotton – 32; New York City, New York

Jacqueline Lombard – 33; Brooklyn, New York

John Somerville – 42; West Bloomfield, Michigan

Kelly Liken – 33; Vail, Colorado

Kenny Gilbert – 36; Telluride, Colorado

Kevin Sbraga – 30; Willingboro, New Jersey

Lynne Gigliotti – 51; Hyde Park, New York

Stephen Hopcraft – 40; Las Vegas, Nevada

Tamesha Warren – 24; Washington, D.C.

Tiffany Derry – 26; Dallas, Texas

Timothy Dean – 39; Baltimore, Maryland

Tracey Bloom – 33; Atlanta, Georgia

Who will be the first chef to get eliminated in Top Chef DC on June 16, 2010 episode?  Stay tuned!

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