Top Chef September 8 2010 Finale Part 1 Results 9/8/10

Top Chef season 7 finale part 1 airs tonight, September 8, 2010. One lady and three guys remain and will do the challenges. But at the end of part 1, only three will remain. Who do you think will not make it to next week and be eliminated on Top Chef 9/8/10?

The chefs are going to eat Singaporean street food with K.F. Seetoh, a Singaporean street food expert. They get to know a guy who has been cooking the same noodle dish for forty years everyday. Most likely, their challenge will be related to something about making noodle dish.

Who will win the Quickfire Challenge between Angelo, Kevin, Ed and Kelly and who will get eliminated among the four? Who do think will be sent home? We are guessing it would be Kevin. But we’ll never know until the show tonight. So don’t forget to watch the finale part 1 episode tonight. If ever, updates will be here for Top Chef September 8, 2010 results.


Quickfire challenge winner – Ed

Elimination challenge winner – Ed

Eliminated – Kelly!

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