True Beauty Season 2 : June 7, 2010 Episode 2

True Beauty season 2 episode 2 will be aired tonight, June 7, 2010 and only nine contestants are left.  What could be the challenges in True Beauty 6/7/10 episode and who will be in the bottom two, where one will be eliminated at the end of the episode?

The nine remaining contestants will be learning how to do a magic trick by impressionists Penn and Teller.  Those who cannot keep a secret will be in trouble since they were asked to swear not to tell the secret.

Who among them will tell the reported to tell the secret of the trick?  Find out who will it be as he or she may be kicked out because of this.

True Beauty results this June 7, 2010 will be posted here so please check back this post for it.

Update: Michael was eliminated!

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