Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars April 10, 2012 Elimination 4/10/12

One of the dance couples will be sent home on Dancing With the Stars as another elimination takes place tonight, April 10, 2012. What will be the results for tonight? There are 10 remaining couples but at the end of the show, it will be down to 9. Who do you think gets kicked off Dancing With the Stars tonight?

The highest scoring couple this week is Donald & Peta, who were given a total score of 27 by the judges. The judges gave them all compliments, with Len even saying it’s Donald’s best dance of the competition. Roshon & Chelsie and Maria & Derek followed with a total scores of 26. Katherine & Mark, who almost got a perfect score last week and was the highest scoring couple the past weeks got a total score of 24. Gavin & Karina placed fifth with their total score of 23. Meanwhile, Melissa & Maks and William & Cheryl and Jaleel & Kym got a total score of 22 while Sherri & Val got the lowest score of 21. Will they be the couple who will be sent home tonight?

By the way, there’s a new rule that will be implemented beginning tonight. The bottom two couples will dance simultaneously for another chance to stay in the competition. It’s going to be a dance-off and the judges will decide which couple will be safe and who will they eliminate. What do you think about this new rule?

We aren’t sure if the routines the bottom two will perform are the same as last night. We’ll find out later on.

Gotan Project are the musical guests for tonight as the results are announced in between.

Also, Melissa Gilbert was rushed to the hospital before the show ended last night. The Hollywood Reported says that Melissa hit her head on the ballroom floor. The actress didn’t complain during the commentary but said she complained being dizzy and light headed after. She then tweeted more than two hours after the show that it was a mild concussion and whiplash.

Anyway, which couples do you think will be in the bottom two tonight? We’ll give live updates during the show. In the meantime please follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook to know the latest updates. The bottom two couples and the judges decision will be posted here. Find out was voted off, eliminated on Dancing With the Stars April 10, 2012 results.

Update: Sherri & Val were voted off!

Melissa & Maks – safe!

Gavin & Karina – safe!

Maria & Derek – safe!

Jaleel & Kym – safe!

Gladys & Tristan – safe!

Donald & Peta – safe!

Roshon & Chelsie – in jeopardy! They are in the bottom two!

Katherine & Mark – safe!

Sherri & Val

William & Cheryl – safe!

Sherri & Val – in jeopardy! They are in the bottom two!

Len says they are totally shocked with the results…

70 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars April 10, 2012 Elimination 4/10/12

  1. Will DWTS put Katherine in the allege bottom three with Gladys and Gavin dancing off really being da bottom two and Gavin ending his publicity stunt?


  2. I thought the dance off between the bottom 2 started next week. It will be interesting to see who the bottom 2 really are and who the show is trying to save.

  3. Could be Gavin. Got to get rid of the bloody hat. Next Melissa, she’s trying hard. But I do think the show owes Gladys a little more “Star Time” Afterall, she really was a big one.

  4. @Nelly, Graham and Michelle: Miss Knight’s first name is GLADYS, not GLADY’S. Would one of you please explain to the rest of us why you think every word that ends in s automatically gets an apostrophe before the s? Your third grade teachers [notice, no ‘s in teachers] must be so proud.

  5. @Samantha’smom okay okay im sorry i mean GLADYS it was an honest mistake. Does it really matter anyway and I dont appreciate the sarcasm 🙁

    anyway GLADYS is safe along with other people I dont really don’t care who goes home.

  6. Anyone know yet???? I’m stuck watching cartoons with my son trying to get him to sleep, lol. I dare not change the channel.

  7. I think Melissa should of been voted off. She knows she’s not that good. But I have to say the voting to eliminate is going to get tough!

  8. Starting next week the bottom 2 couples will do a dance off and the judges will pick who goes home. I bet they will be gunning for Gladys, Melissa and Gavin. Seems like the judges do not like this group.

  9. I think it shoulda been Gladys going home. She looks like Nancy Grace out there. I know she’s a legend, but she is the weakest link at this point. I want to see Tristan get a promising partner next season.

  10. Sherrie and Val should not have gone home. It should have been Gavin & Karina. I find it highly disrespectful for Gavin to wear a hat for EVERY dance. I’m not saying he cannot wear a hat, but, if he did a dance that he could introduce the hat in a way that was in keeping with the theme, I say go ahead.

    JUDGES your scoring is just too off and I think you know who I mean, Carrie & Len. Bruno, don’t be ruled by your sexuality. This is a dance competition REALLY?


  11. I watch DWT JUST to watch Maks. He is a TOTAL walking heart attack (heart throb.) I LOVE HIM, and he was HAWT in that sexy el-toro outfit he wore last night!!!! GO MAKS ANS MELISSA!!!!!

  12. There is no way that Sherri should have been in the bottom 2. Melissa and Maks should have gone last week. She is lovely, but is too stiff.

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