Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars April 16, 2013 Elimination 4/16/13

One of the dance couples will be leaving tonight on Dancing With the Stars 2013 results show. Who will be the next team to be eliminated? Will there be another shocking results?

The theme last night was “Len’s Side-by-Side Challenge” and I must say, I did enjoy last night’s episode watching the contestants dance together with pro-dancers, especially opening number. It’s nice to see Maks, Chelsie and Anna on the show again! But of course, the real competition began after that.

Zen & Val topped the leaderboard once again, getting a total score of 29 out of 30. Of course, we all know who gave them a nine, right? Kellie & Derek followed getting a score of 27 out of 30. Jacoby & Karina placed third with their total score of 26. They were followed by Aly & Mark who got 25, Sean & Peta who got 24, Ingo & Kym who got 21, and Victor & Lindsay who got 21 as well.

The two couples who got the lowest scores are Andy & Sharna and D.L. & Cheryl. Each got 18 out of 30.

But based from the previous results show, being the lowest scorer doesn’t mean the couple will go home. D.L. & Cheryl might be safe again even if many are predicting them to go home each week. We’ll find out tonight if he’ll be voted off this time.

For the performances in between the announcement of the results, Selena Gomez and The Band Perry will be musical guests. Selena Gomez will sing her new single “Come & Get It” while The Band Perry will sing “Better Dig Two”.

As always, live updates will be provided. Be sure to refresh your browser during the show for the latest updates. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for it. Who gets eliminated on Dancing With the Stars April 16, 2013? Results will be here.

Update: D.L & Cheryl got eliminated!


– Jacob & Karina with Maks & Anna



– The Band Perry performs “Better Dig Two”

– Selena Gomez sings “Come & Get It”



– Kellie & Derek – safe!

Ingo & Kym – in jeopardy! safe!

– Zen & Val – safe!

– Victor & Lindsay – in jeopardy! safe!

– Jacoby & Karina – safe!

– Aly & Mark – safe!

– Andy & Sharna – safe!

– Sean & Peta – safe!

– D.L. & Cheryl – in jeopardy!



– Victor & Lindsay

– D.L. & Cheryl



– D.L. & Cheryl

23 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars April 16, 2013 Elimination 4/16/13

  1. I hope zen and val go home soon. She is so full of herself it makes me barf. Yes she has talent but as far as humility she lacks BIG TIME. I think Kelly and Derek are super. He really gets the most out of all of his partners. She is such a delight. My opinion of Andy has change for the positive. He has a lot to be proud of. Keep going.

  2. That’s ridiculous Zen & Val go home, do should go home he has absolutely no talent and doesn’t look like he’s trying, and he always has to have the last word. If I was Cheryl I would be tired dancing by myself. Zendaya and Kellie should be the two in the finals!!!!!

  3. Kathy……don’t know what show you’re watching because all Zen has been is a young girl doing a darn fine job at dancing with a pro. I haven’t seen one single sign of her being full of herself…..simply a teenager. Sounds like sour grapes to me…..

    Kellie Pickler has really impressed me. She and Derek dance beautifully together….

  4. I thnk most of us are watching the same show and Zen SHOULD go home. “Age is just a number”? When it comes to dance moves? Really? Buz Aldren and Chloris Leachman are in their 80s but they should have been able to do hip-hop? Zen IS full of herself. I’m a life-llong die-hard Steelers fan and I’m rooting for a Raven.- Jacoby and Karina.

  5. I so wanted JACOBY to go home so bad that Pompous idiot is too full of himself, but last night with the Boston incident he just killed it with does stupid faces he those when ALEXANDRA was saying her peace and he’s in the back ground with those stupid faces!

  6. If any one is full of themself it’s Jacoby. Someone tell me what’ s up with the wired faces he’s always making? Also he needs to stop doing the same wobble leg football spike dance, he puts in almost all the numbers. Dude we get it your a football player it doesn’t mean you deserve to win. He REALLY needs to go home and soon. But if the judges get what they want the final four will be Zen &Val, Kellie & Derek, Aly & Mark, and unfortunately Jacoby & Karina.

  7. any one how hates now zen and val shut your moth and keep it closed! your just jealous because zen can dance her butt of and you cant because you look like a stick figer when you try to dance! and dont hate on anyboby becaus id like to see you try and dance like that

  8. Loving that people r hating on Zendaya the victory will be that much sweeter……Kellie and Zendaya for sure inthe finals! Pour that in ur cup and have a drink u hater!

  9. D.L.’s elimination was a bit of a surprise because his fan base has really supported him well up until now even though he has consistently been at the bottom. Andy not being in the bottom 3 was also unexpected, and I guess people are really responding to his fun routines. I nearly missed the show because I am traveling for my job at DISH and it comes on earlier than I am used to here. Thankfully I was able to stream a recording to my tablet from my DVR at home with DISH Anywhere, so I was able to catch the results!

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