Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars April 24, 2012 Elimination 4/24/12

It’s another results night and tonight on Dancing With the Stars elimination show’s April 24, 2012, one of the 8 dance couples will be leaving. Will Gladys be the one to leave tonight or many people vote for her because it’s her “homecoming” week? Who will be the bottom two couples and who gets kicked off Dancing With the Stars tonight?

The couples danced two routines last night, an unlearned dance and a marathon. No one got a score below 20 and no one got a perfect score either. Katherine & Mark remain on the leaderboard getting a score of 29 for their first routine and a score of 10 after winning the marathon. Jaleel & Kym were second getting 29 for their first routine and 8 in the marathon. William & Cheryl placed third getting a total score of 27 and a 9 in the marathon. Donald & Peta came in fourth place after getting a total score of 27 for their first routine like William & Cheryl. However, they got a 7 in the marathon making their overall total to 34. Melissa & Maks and Maria & Derek tied in fiftth place after getting an overall total of 30. Roshon & Chelsie got an overall total score of 28 while Gladys & Tristan got the lowest score of 24.

It was a bit unexpected that Maria & Derek were the second team to be out of the marathon while we have expected Katherine & Mark to win it. How about you?

Anyway, Boyz II Men are the musical guest tonight as they will perform their latest single “One More Dance”. Dmitry Chaplin and Anna Trebunskaya will be the performers. Meanwhile, the Troupe, Val Chmerkovskiy, Peta Murgatroyd, Louis Van Amstel and Snejana Petrova will grace the opening number to Motown hits.

Who do you think will be the bottom two couples? Will it Gladys & Tristan and Roshon & Chelsie, who also got the lowest scores tonight? Any predictions? This will be the second time that the judges will decide who will go home. Who will they save?

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Update: Gladys & Tristan got voted off!

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Motown medley…

Macy’s Star of Dance performs…



William & Cheryl – safe!

Maria & Derek – in jeopardy! safe!

Jaleel & Kym – safe!

Melissa & Maks – in jeopardy! safe!

Donald & Peta – safe!

Roshon & Chelsie – in jeopardy!

Katherine & Mark – safe!

Gladys & Tristan – in jeopardy!


Bottom Two – they will dance jive!

Gladys & Tristan

Roshon & Chelsie



Carrie Ann saves Gladys & Tristan

Len saves saves Roshon & Chelsie

Bruno saves saves Roshon & Chelsie

54 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars April 24, 2012 Elimination 4/24/12

  1. I think Melissa should DEFINITELY go home.
    She may have a fantastic partner and choreographer
    in Maks…but as good as he is – he deserved to be
    partnered w/ a better dancer. She clearly doesn’t get it
    OR she doesn’t use her full potential. AT LEAST Gladys gives it her BEST SHOT!!! She deserves more time to show the world what she’s got to give…besides a stellar

  2. Gladys Knight really should have gone home before last night. She barely moves around on the dance floor. I don’t like this new “dance off” thing because it seems like the judges are biased in favor of a select few. If there are many more nights like “Rock” night and “Motown” night, I may have to find a new show to watch on Mondays and Tuesdays. Maria and Derek are wonderful. It’s a shame their scores weren’t better last night given they had to try to dance to a woman who could hardly sing anymore. How they made a foxtrot look so beautiful with the crap they were dancing to is beyond me. Carrie Ann . . . you need to get over yourself. I used to enjoy listening to your comments. What’s happened to you?

    • I beg your pardon. I say Gladys Knight in Las Vegas last summer. She and her brother Bubba were fantastic. They are both in their late sixties but you could not tell by the level of their performance. You should have some respect for a legent like Gladys Knight. Shame on you

  3. By the way . . . Roshon got a hugely rotten deal last night. He had the best dance of the night and was criticized the most!

  4. I think Glady’s will be going home. . This show is rigged. It’s going to come out between Kathryn and William and since Kathryn doesn’t have the fan base in the US to vote her through, it’s going to be William that wins. And Cheryl will be very proud of herself as if she earned it. DWTS is getting to be a joke.

  5. I think that the judges showed preference to Gladys because of her past as a singer and add to that it being Motown night tisk tisk. Gladys barely moves around poor Treston… he was doing all the moving the new pros always get the hardest stars to dance with , however, the judges really overdo themselves last night was a perfect example. Yeah, what happened to Carrie Ann seems that she has changed alot. Go Derek and Maria…dumb comment from judges the dancing was wonderful….

  6. If the “Florence Henderson mentality” kicks in, Gladys will ride another week on the nostalgia vote. I think either Melissa or Roshon will go home tonight.

    • Unfortunately, I agree. We’ll probably see Roshon and Melissa in the dance duel. Maybe even Jaleel since he was in the bottom 2 last week. I think these 3 are in jeopardy tonight.

  7. I think Gladys will be in the bottom (which is sad, because I love her and handsome Tristan), along with Roshon. Roshon’s dance was creepy and not at all fluid.

    I think the judges need to judge on actual dancing – they criticized Gladys for not being “steamy” enough … how can you be steamy to My Girl? Quit judging on what you want to see and judge on what you get.

    • It would be great if the judges actually scored each dance performed in front of them FAIRLY instead of being blindly devoted to their favorites even when they mess up. Case in point, last night Maria & Derek screwed up on the steps, were called out for it by the judges and yet they still managed to get a couple of 9’s. Overscored their favorite golden boy as usual.

      • Then the judges would have to quit giving out the outrageous scores to the ones who can not dance what is required. Rushonnie and William (Fabio wantabe) are the two highest over rated in the competion.

  8. I would like to see Melissa go, she is not the one to get that mirror ball for Maks. If it’s Roshon it’s because he does not have the fan base to vote for him because he is a good dancer but most of his fans are very young and probably don’t watch DWTS.

  9. I like Roshon and I think that he should continue on! I would love to see him in the final three so he can do an awesome free-style. They need to give him dances he can actually do! Like seriously STOP criticizing him so much! I don’t see the judges criticizing some of the other stars because of their popularity. If Roshon does go home though its not because he is not a good dancer, because he IS, but because he does not have the older age groups voting for him. All of his fans are in the ages of 6-15. GO ROSHON!

  10. dont forget this is an entertainment show first… ratings are everything…the dance improvement of the stars is secondary in this so-called competition….

    • No, Roshon & Chelsie and Gladys & Tristan will ahve a dance off. I also missed posting that Derek & Maria are in jeopardy at first. But they are safe too. Sorry for that!

    • It was to create fake drama. Maria was never in jeopardy. The show’s producers wouldn’t let Derek leave this early. They want him in the finals. What a fake out to get his devoted followers to vote even more for him next week.

  11. If they eliminate Roshon because of one “bad ” performance I would be really upset because I am getting tired of the judges basing the scores on effort and heart instead of actually dancing because Roshon had a stellar performance.

  12. Gladys was the right decision to go home. I’m glad she wasn’t saved because this was Motown week and it would have been a nice thing to do. This competition isn’t supposed to be about ‘nice’. It’s supposed to be about good dancing.

  13. I love dancing with the stars. I would like to see them stay with music for ball room dancing. Don’t get me wrong , I love Motown its my generation. Now it’s really going to get tough, their all good!

    • Carrie Ann is worse than Paula. At least Paula tried to be nice to everyone. Carrie Ann is only nice to the pretty boys and the pro dancers who suck up to her. She seems to have a major attitude toward pros Maks and Tony, yet falls all over herself to compliment Derek. She is in heat over William but cannot seem to give Roshon any credit for his dancing. She is far from fair in her critiques of each pro and his/her partner.

  14. I do not know what show you are watching, but the judges are dead on. Rashon can dance urban-style hip hop. This is choreographed ballroom. Different technique – more disciplined and structured. Even choreographed hip-hop is disciplined. Rashon is cute, but there is a theater needed for these dances that he hasn’t acquired the maturity. And, yes, to critique to say *smoldering* is correct. If you watch native afro-caribbean dance (to which is the correct name), you will see what they mean

  15. Surprised Gladys left this week. I thought she would last one more week due to the sentimentality of Motown fans. But it was her time. Just wish they would’ve allowed her to leave with more dignity. Come on a dance duel against a teenager was really not fair nor needed. The choice was obvious just like last week between Gavin and Jaleel.

  16. I thought Gladys was a great dancer. You would have seen it more if she had a better partner, Tristan is a terrible choreographer. He only went far last year because Nancy Grace had a lot of fans. I hope he doesn’t return next season.

  17. The Cuban guy should have been booted off long ago. Every woman in the house screams their head off when he moves his hips. He has not actually danced yet. He is nothing more than a knock off of Fabio.

  18. hip hop is dancing kpf, it is just a different kind of dance. It can be be detailed, just like other dances on DWTS. Gladys was very very good for a 67 year old. She was and is a singer not a dancer. If you was 67 you would be stiff too.

  19. We need to give all the dancers the credit they deserve. This show isn’t easy at all. I know I wouldn’t want to do it.

  20. I love watching the show. I have been devoted since season 1 but this season I do not enjoy the cast at all! I stopped watching after the the first episode. Where are they coming up with the contestants? It’s getting worse every season. It just seem unfair to the pro’s also because the same pro’s seem to be in the finals, if I were Tony or Maxs I would be tired of getting voted off.

  21. shoot, the competition is too competitive! All the contestants are amazing. It’s gonna be tough. I don’t want Roshon out so Gladys should definitely leave. There are other dancers who are better than her and she should just leave to give others a chance to heat up the competition. The suspense is KILLING ME! Can’t really pick a favorite :/ But I love Katherine/Katheryn however you spell her name. She is a natural! I love Peta’s choreography 🙂 Cheryl and her moves are too sexy! Roshon is too light, haha! but amazing dancer 🙂 Maria is funny, and deserves to still be in ! I Love them ALL !!!

  22. Carrie Ann is hyper b/c she is planning a wedding and can’t focus. RaShon should have gone home week 2. His dancing is not what they have assigned him to do. He is overly excited. Unfortunately, I knew Gladys was going home. Her dancing was smooth, careful, very much on target, but could have added more hip movement. I love Donald Driver! Len Goodman is the determinator for the dance offs; who put him in charge? No matter what Carrie Ann & Bruno scores; his is one point less!

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