Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars April 26, 2011 Elimination 4/26/11

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results April 26, 2011 for the Guilty Pleasures Week will be revealed. Another one of the dance partners couples will be leaving tonight. Who among those that will be in the bottom three will be sent home in here DWTS? Who got kicked off Dancing with the Stars 4/26/11?

Two of the couples almost got a perfect score of 30, Romeo & Chelsie and Chelsea & Mark, getting 28. They are followed by Hines & Kym and Kirstie & Maks, while Kendra & Louis a high score as well. The lowest scoring couple is Chris & Cheryl but will they be the one leaving tonight? Ralph & Karina might be in danger as well by the way but everything depends on America’s vote so they could be safe and a high scoring couple can be eliminated. Who do you think will it be next?

Meanwhile, Pia Toscano, New Kids on the Block & The Backstreet Boys and Hanson are the guest performers of the night while waiting for the results.

So, who’s who? The couple who was voted off, eliminated on Dancing with the Stars April 26, 2011 results will be here again. Check back this post..

Update: Chris & Cheryl got voted off!

Romeo & Chelsie – safe

Chelsea & Mark – safe

Kirstie & Maks – safe

Hines & Kym – safe

Pia Toscano performs

Kendra & Louis – safe

Ralph & Karina – safe

57 thoughts on “Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars April 26, 2011 Elimination 4/26/11

  1. I soooooooooooo agree with you. True, she did well last night, but her attitude needs to be stripped, not her clothing. She was totally gross sticking her butt in the judges faces. I was shocked and it takes a lot to shock me.

  2. KENDRA is a fantastic dancer. I don’t know why you all keep giving her a hard time. She works hard, she does the routine yet you people moan! The shaking her ass was part of the routine and I don’t think the judges had a problem with it. It’s a tv show, get a grip and have some fun!

  3. Kendra should be the one to go tonight. Of course, she did well last night. The dance was right up her alley-let it all hang out and shake it in everyone’s face. I don’t think much talent is required for that. I don’t like her or the sleazy element she brings to the show. And speaking of sleaze, Bruno is over the top with his tawdry antics. Enough is enough. He needs to make up his mind if he wants men or women. Keep the show and the comments focused on dancing.

  4. I thing she did a good job ,people need live her alone ,she is trying her best , I love you KENDRA keep up good job

  5. Kirstyn Alley DEFINITELY needs to GO! She is sooooo
    irritating, fat and “memorizes” her moves! I can’t believe the judges liked her last night. so mechanical!
    Don’t torture us anymore; just leave!!!

  6. Kendra’s cool and is having fun. If it’s between HER and Kirstyn; it’s definitely Kirstyn who needs to go!!!

  7. Why should Kendra go home? She did good! It was the Samba. You people are forgetting that Louie told her to do that and he is the one who choreographs the dances..so is he a total sleaze to? He was shaking his booty and top as well but it’s ok for the man to do that but not the girl? Give me a break!

  8. correction: kirstie alley needs to get off DWTS! she cusses a lot, has “no class” , is clumsy and it’s torture watching her; ugh!!!!

  9. I feel Kendra should stay because she is working hard and dancing is not really her thing and I think she is extremely funny and adds a little flare to dws

  10. I love kirstie but its time to let it go,she gets very winded and I’m concerned about her health. Kendra is adorable don’t hate her she is doing her thing,people are always hating (LET IT GO)

  11. Kendra needs to go. She’s skated into last week, and should have gone home TWO WEEKS AGO. Enough is enough already. And I honestly don’t understand why everybody hates Kirstie Alley so much. Because she’s overweight? Really–the audacity of you people. It’s alright to be a playboy bimbo but it’s not cool to struggle with weight problems. And in case nobody else has noticed, she’s lost weight since the show started. Oh yeah, and I love Maks. (<–bias)

  12. I love kirstie alley i think she is sexy for her age i enjoy watching her dance.. I think chris needs to go.. Kendra rocked it last night she deserves to stay another week

  13. I’m hoping that Kirstie stays for a long time because I look forward to seeing Maksim every week. She is sure bringing out the best in him – he smiles all the time.

  14. The envy and jealousy against Kendra is pathetic ladies. Kristy is doing an excellent job. I will belief the judges expertise. Thank you very much!

  15. Why would we be jealous of her? She lived in wh0re mansion, has fake boobs, and lacks confidence. Who would want to be like that? She should have gone home two weeks ago because she was doing poorly. Plain and simple.

  16. I Love Kendra. She’s settled down so much since she met/maried Hank and had baby Hank. She’s really sweet, has a tough exterior, but really that’s not her. She’s a sweetheart. I am a mom of two.

  17. If doing poorly gets you sent home automatically, Bristol Palin would have gone home about 6 weeks earlier than she did. She was just bad.

    I’ve never been a Kendra fan. She’s too ghetto. But Kendra danced well and showed some confidence this week. She deserved a chance to dance again.

  18. Sounds like there is a lot of people jealous of Kendra, that is the ONLY reason why you people are hating on her because she is an awesome dancer and she improves every week. All the stuff you people are saying about her is only showing your own insecurities.

  19. I agree with Chelsea. Kendra doesn’t suck up and sugar coat things the way some of the others do. What you see is what you get. Chest size has nothing to do with that. She’s cute, dances well, and isn’t looking for sympathy votes like jennifer grey was last season. What a breath of fresh air!!!

  20. I loved Chris and totally dislike wrestiling…go figure?
    He was so sincere and self-confident. This makes me sad to see him leave! 🙁

  21. I love Kristie. i think she should stay. Really good dancer.and I hope I have her energy at that Age when Iget 60. way to go Kristy

  22. I believe Kendra is improving every week and deserves to stay. She may not be the best but is trying hard and last night her dance was amazing. It was very entertaining and she seemed happy and confident.

  23. As we all know, it the judges scores are part of it, but it really comes down to how many people vote with all the phones they own. Popularity is what drives it… hmmm, sounds a bit like our everyday jobs, doesn’t it??



  26. Everyone deserves a chance.They are all good dancers.Just cause your older dont mean you shouldn’t be
    there dancing. kristy Is very good.and time will tell.


  27. Personally… I like both of them, Kristie and Kendra. Yes they are completely different, but different isn’t necessarily a bad thing people. Haha you all are here, fighting over who is old, who is fat, who is slutty, who is a bad dancer. But they are both safe this week. So next week, vote for your favorite instead.

  28. Go Kendra!!! Go Kirstie!!!
    Oh, ya, and Go Maksim….what a beautiful speciman~
    He’s so, so…..um, oh wait, does he dance too??
    Heaven …

  29. Everyone danced their hearts out last night, including Kendra. She’s very approachable and I like her. Since we’re going from our own likes and dislikes, not because of dancing, then IMHO, Romeo should go.

  30. I would like Brook Burk to practice her smile in the mirror. What’s with the mechanical lip action when she ends her smile….and begins it all over again.
    I know, I sound petty, but really it’s been getting me crazy since last season!
    Anyone else notice this?

  31. I love kirstie’s confidence, humor, personality and chemistry with maks. Kendra is super hot and straight foward. All of the dances were great but it was chris’ time to go. Btw maks is the most beautiful man ever!!

  32. I love Kendra! And to all you haters get a life and look in the mirror all make mistakes and if you could make it in playboy you know you would! Fact it Sex sells everything for men and women!

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