Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars April 26, 2011 Elimination 4/26/11

Dancing with the Stars Elimination Results April 26, 2011 for the Guilty Pleasures Week will be revealed. Another one of the dance partners couples will be leaving tonight. Who among those that will be in the bottom three will be sent home in here DWTS? Who got kicked off Dancing with the Stars 4/26/11?

Two of the couples almost got a perfect score of 30, Romeo & Chelsie and Chelsea & Mark, getting 28. They are followed by Hines & Kym and Kirstie & Maks, while Kendra & Louis a high score as well. The lowest scoring couple is Chris & Cheryl but will they be the one leaving tonight? Ralph & Karina might be in danger as well by the way but everything depends on America’s vote so they could be safe and a high scoring couple can be eliminated. Who do you think will it be next?

Meanwhile, Pia Toscano, New Kids on the Block & The Backstreet Boys and Hanson are the guest performers of the night while waiting for the results.

So, who’s who? The couple who was voted off, eliminated on Dancing with the Stars April 26, 2011 results will be here again. Check back this post..

Update: Chris & Cheryl got voted off!

Romeo & Chelsie – safe

Chelsea & Mark – safe

Kirstie & Maks – safe

Hines & Kym – safe

Pia Toscano performs

Kendra & Louis – safe

Ralph & Karina – safe

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