Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars April 9, 2013 Elimination 4/9/13

It’s Dancing With the Stars 2013 results show tonight! One of the remaining dance couples will be leaving. Will it be one of the couples who got the lowest score?

The 10 remaining dance couples performed a dance telling a story that is related to the best year of the celebrities’ lives. Each has a story to tell. Sean’s best year was when he met his fiance. Victor’s year was when he won a WBC championship in 2011. Jacoby’s year was when he won the Superbowl. Aly’s year was in 2010 when she represented the country in the Olympics. Andy talked about his daughter Meg. Zen’;s year was in 2009 when she was first discovered. It’s the same year for Ingo since that was the year he got married. D.L. picked his elementary life. Kelly chose 2011 since it was the year she got married. Lisa’s year was the year her daughter got married.

Among these 10 dance pairs, Aly & Mark got the highest score of 27 out of 30. Kellie & Derek and Zen & Val each got a total score of 26. The other teams got a pretty good score as well. Even D.L. got a better comment from the judges this week. However, two pairs still got a a score less than 20 and these couples are Lisa & Gleb and Victor & Lindsay.

If we’re going to base the results from the scores last night. it’s either Lisa & Gleb or Victor & Lindsay to go home. I’d go for Lisa & Gleb since the couple has been in jeopardy the past weeks and tonight might be their last night. What do you think?

Anyway, the guest performers tonight while results are revealed in between are Brad Paisley and J.Lo and Andrea Bocelli.

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Update: Lisa & Gleb got eliminated!


– Aly & Mark



– The Accidental Racist

– Brilynn Rakes (blind ballerina) and Derek Hough

– Andrea Bocelli & Jennifer Lopez



– Val & Karina



Aly & Mark – safe!

Zen & Val – safe!

Kellie & Derek – safe!

Ingo & Kym – safe!

Jacoby & Karina – safe!

Sean & Peta – safe!

D.L. & Cheryl – safe!

Andy & Sharna – in jeopardy! safe!

Victor & Lindsay – in jeopardy! safe!

Lisa & Gleb – in jeopardy! eliminated!



Victor & Lindsay

Lisa & Gleb



Lisa & Gleb


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